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I'm writing an epic long length FIM Fic! If you want your OC in it, NOTE ME! Do not comment! If you have specificity then yes comment here.

Le Premise:
Basically its my OC's are in a race to stop a portal from letting out Discords power (he first gets out, possesses Celestia and Luna banishes her to the "Void")) Chrysalis who's power increased by destroying the small towns around the border of Equestria, and finally Nightmare moons shreds from turning back into her old-self (Which, they do and it's my pony's jobs to stop them). Only the Elements aren't there to stop them this time because during the banishment to the Void they are summoned and then they are stuck there with Celestia and Discord, (Now separated, where Celestia goes to the astral fields to destroy him) Now, it is Luna with her Army, the Essence of Immortality (Equestria is not my OC's, they however were granted powers in return had to defend the Immortality of Equestria and now the newly formed Concordia) Soon, ponies from all over come to the battle. Many take sides, Dragons and eviler ponies and Changelings with the Alliance of Enemies and good ponies and Griffins on the Luna Affinity. A battle rages on until the EoI (Essence of Immortality) Step in and use there powers to destroy the Alliance of Enemies. However the land was destroyed as the AoE's last stand. So Princess Rosetta, (Fausticorn) allows Luna and her to rule Concordia together. The epilogue says that Celestia could not transport herself to reality, however she could return the Elements of Harmony!


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Just me!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
:iconrequestfriendsonly::icongiftsfriendsonly: :icontradesask::icongiftsask::iconcollabsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:

Okay, here we go:

Likes: MLP, Red Bull, Cocopuffs, Pandora, Radio Head, cats, Haz, Rainbow Dash, The Perks of being a wallflower, looking for Alaska, Fall, winter.

Dislikes: Homestuck (UGGG) Mary-Sues, fig newtons, hot days, too cold days.

Great People:
:iconspatialheather: :iconmaiko-of-harmony: :icondurpy: :iconelementofcreativity::iconakira-the-alicorn::iconlunaslittlebrony:
can i be Pandora's friend?
Pandora: I'd love love love it If I could be your friend!

Do you take request?
If your on the list ABOVE, but beside that nope.

Can I be your friend then get a request?
No. I will however do a discount on commissions if you ask me. But no, I will only give you one if you make art of my ponies or If you're on the list above, Or If I come to you.

Will you use make any pony for me
Uh-huh, just pay the 10 point fee ;)

Do you take commission? If so Paypal or Points?
Yes, and I take Points!

Can I post your artwork to another website?
ASK FIRST, and CREDIT MUST BE, shown. (From Akiras page, the answer)

Can I use Akira to roleplay or in any other way?
Nope! Sorry guys, you may not. I've seen people try before, and it wasn't pretty. I CAN however, make a custom OC for you all, but you must watch me!

May- I draw Pandora?
Yes!! Go straight ahead, and link back here, I love seeing it!
may - I make a gift for you of your oc's together?
Yes! Yes go ahead!

Mind If I watch you? I love your work!
Not at all! I love and appreciate all my watchers!

Where do you get inspiration from?
From other artists, tumblr, and a lot of other places and in my surroundings :3
I have seen a account on this one site claiming to be Pandora, Antigone or any others of your OC's! is that you?
most likely no! we have had a really tough time recently with trolls acting like us >_< they are fake and not us - if you are not sure if it is us - please let us know and we will let you know :/ if you alert us to a fake page - we are very thankful - we do not like imposters getting to have free roam with our oc's >_<


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10 / 100
I want a really cool point commission!

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So is there any particular reason as to why you've stolen not only a whole entire pony color palette from me, but also a design of my pony and color palettes from :iconvanillachama: as well? And if you try to say it's 'just a coincidence,' you need to think of a new excuse, because there is literally no way to have the exact same color palettes with every single color being exactly the same, just with a different design.
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